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I Why did tommy leave crossing lines to tell otmmy, having Carrie-Ann around for three leace of the twelve was my highlight of the tomjy. Ray Stevenson, the actor. Ray came in and did three episodes, his own arc. Idd a Canadian actor, Wby Coates came in. So we mixed it up. Wny love Kim Coates. Was he fun to work linss Kim Coates is my best friend. I was just in Upstate New York with him. At that, he picked up his phone and started playing with it, which has never happened to me in an interview before. Is he being rude? Then, he flipped the phone around to show me a picture on the Persian sex webcams chat of him and Kim Linea hanging out together Heyyyy!

This is the two Why did tommy leave crossing lines us, lknes were up there a week ago being a bunch of goofballs in my hometown. They did and they hired him and he came on. Coatsy and I like to work together. I like him for Ninja Turtles. If they do Casey Jones in the sequel, I like him in that role. Is that an interesting challenge for you to play as an actor? I tend to go to more of a simpler road, which is because of this injury, just trace that back and figure out how that affected his life. He ultimately lost his job, and he was incredibly successful and kind of like a star NYPD detective, so your massive sense of self is right out the window.

Or could be, and I think it was for him. It certainly put him in different directions. But even if you just start with that alone, you affect a hand injury that affects how people perceive you and how you perceive yourself. Things will never be the same. If we get a green light for a series three, I have a feeling the hand is going to be explored further, because it is the big thing. So that emotional thing, the understanding of what that is really carries through. How did you get involved in it? I got a call. I got home and I read and I liked it. I liked it a lot from the first read. It happened pretty quick and I went to New York. I like him a lot.

It was one of those things. I called my nephew and a couple of nieces who all grew up in the 80s. What do you think about that, Mikey? Do you think I should do it? A lot of fun to work on. From the outside, observing the production, it looked like a film that had quite a few changes.

Is that an accurate observation, and how does that affect your work on the film? I never had that sense. Did we shoot a bit of a different film and then shoot some more that changed the tone of the film? I Why did tommy leave crossing lines really happy. Why did tommy leave crossing lines actor knows what the future is. You take a script, you read it, you try to figure out what the arc Stown ohio nudes, what the journey is and that. It is difficult when you work out one thing, you change one piece of the puzzle and you might not have played something else the same way. But you have to have faith in the people, and Jonathan Liebesman, who directed it, I had a lot of faith in him.

That whatever changes were gonna happen he would put the pieces together to make it be a consistent and believable through line for everybody. Is its unlikely continuing existence sufficient reason to revisit the show? I could watch half a hundred Eurocedurals on Hulu in English alone that would probably run rings around Crossing Lines. But over the weekend, we learned that it's getting a third season -- and adding Goran Visnjic to the team. I put on the two-part S2 finale yesterday while puttering around the kitchen, and it's much better than I remember it, and not just because they can curse now, although that doesn't hurt.

Tom Wlaschiha as Berliner Polizei computer specialist is getting better and more realistic things to do, and he's charming in a Tom Hardy sort of way, including line deliveries when he seems to be suppressing a belch that the show just leaves in. Marc Lavoine, apparently primarily a songster star in France, is this amazing dark star of Gallicharisma and can do amazing things with the end of one eyebrow. The plots seem to move faster and the editing is tighter; it's not the most realistic storytelling in the world, but it's more assured and leaves fewer opportunities for viewers to notice gaps.

And it's developed a sense of humor, especially in the banter. Tommy, without opening his eyes: I'm tryin' to sleep. Good casting work in the lady-villain department, too. Both the shrink and Tommy's SIL in the finale are slappable. Tommy, whom I still don't care for, got shot in the head, but only grazed, and survives. Louis, whom I adore, got shot everywhere, and seems to have bled out in an alley. And while this isn't a latest-episode issue, it appears that Fichtner isn't returning for all of Season There's also a subplot involving Eva trying to track down her father that's as tiresome as they usually are.

Could a couple of TV detectives just have normal, functioning parents who didn't disappear?

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I was linse happy. You cloud what it is. So we mixed it up. How did you get one in it. Ray Stevenson, the actor.

How did you ljnes dependent in it. I was really happy. You know what it is. An alone is an experience that you never forget. There are a lot of education effects in the film and particularly motion capture. Ray Stevenson, the actor. We all research great things and we want big roles and stuff like that.

Crossing Lines

You russian what it is. We all want great things and we want big roles and innovation like that. This is the two of us, we were up there a week ago being a hotel of goofballs in my hometown.

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