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It's a mannerism a bit weird though. Also, what's wrong with loving pickles so Are ross lynch and laura morano dating that you want a basket full of it? Some people find it weird but some people don't. It's something called respecting what other people wants. And oh my gosh, is it really a big deal that Trish is fat? You know how your mom is sometimes annoying and nagging yet you still love her anyway? Dez is smart in real life yet he agreed to look stupid for Are ross lynch and laura morano dating show because he wants to be a part of it.

If this is your point, then does that mean that people The plot of each episode is like a car ran over the real script and they had to make a script at the last minute. Ally is a confidence-lacking freak. She can't do anything. Austin is a sucker who acts like he is more important to the world. He can't do anything. Trish is a fat and stupid bully who can't do anything Sluts in croespenmaen. Dez is kinda okay, except he is so stupid. Here is why I hate the characters. Ally-Lets start with her. She has no confidence. She is overprotective about a stupid book. She is a dork. She always embarrasses herself in public.

She can't take a hint on everything. She doesn't give a single feeling to prove she is happy her mom came back. She is never in charge of her stupid store, so who keeps it open, a ghost? Lastly, she has a horrible life. Austin-He thinks he is so awesome. He cares about his "career" too much. I wanna tear my ears off when I hear, "I'm Austin. I don't think you guys would appreciate people saying a lot of hate of you. You shouldn't be wasting your time writing hate it's rude and disrespectful. People like you are the reason people get annoyed. You are is mean and I would be ashamed if I were you. If you hate the show so much, then don't watch it.

Why go on a website and say all this stuff, and watch episodes just to say how much you hate it. You are a terrible person who has to be ashamed These fans need to realize that there will be tons of comments that have hate for this show or a show that they like. This a website for opinions. And also we are all haters and hypocrites about something no exceptions. And seriously people you guys are getting offended over fictional characters, really, they're fictional characters they're not real. Although this comment was slightly harsh some of these fans need to back off a bit. There's a complete lack of talent in all the characters. Let's start on Ally. She has no good actress qualities. I know that sounds rough, but She has no personality.

She tries to stand for "good morals" the whole show, but has no real quality that's funny nor entertaining. Not only does she not have good actress qualities, she's just plain out not a good actress. Anytime that she's not smiling her mouth off for no reason, she looks like she's staring off into space the whole time. She just doesn't know how to work chemistry with other actors. I sit there and I'm like "How do the other actors in the show not get awkward acting with her? Oh, wait, they do! He has no real bad qualities although I could think of plenty. He sings, he dances, he's The beginning was good, showing that it takes time to conquer a big fear and that friends may help.

But after that there was no foundation, nothing to keep it all together. The show should've ended with Ally losing her stage fright and getting ready to perform more. Also, the characters got somewhat worse. Austin- He was bad from the start, really. Sure he show that he will do anything for his friends, but he may also be a really selfish person. He seems to be more concerned with his fame. He also seems to be full of himself; expecting that he is the best at everything. The love-drama between Austin and Ally seems to get boring. Ally- A good spirited and good hearted character from the beginning.

But as time went on she became very annoying. Constantly trying to be the good girl, but almost gag me sweet good. I mostly hate it because my least favorite band ever, "R5", has a lot of their songs on here. But it also has no plot. Good Luck Charlie is the only good show on Disney, and now it's cancelled, to make room as they bring in more stuff, like Liv and Maddie so dumb! Ally- Shy, awkward freak who is so bad in social situations it's a wonder that she even has friends. But really, her "friends" treat her like crap and she lets them because she's too afraid they won't like her if she tells them off. She can't write songs. Austin- My least favorite character.

He is so inconsiderate and narcissistic. He calls the others his "friends" but he is not a real friend because even when his friends lives are falling apart, his first concern is him losing his "hard-earned" fame. But he teaches that instead of trying hard and respecting everyone, you can brush other people's problems aside and only worry about Being mean is not cool. You guys are just like online bullies. Are ross lynch and laura morano dating would be ashamed if I was anyone being mean on websites. You guys are terrible and being honest this isn't my favorite show but I'm not going on like half you people on this website saying how terrible it Japanese wife and husband massage. Why waste your time saying that you hate it.

Do you guys really have nothing better to do? If you guys hate the show so much, then don't watch it. The person who listed all the things at the very top of the website wasted their time, if you hate the show, the why watch so many episodes. You guys are just stupid Now all of you listen up you have absolutely no right to call any Are ross lynch and laura morano dating stupid if you don't like the website then get out this is criticism if you can't take it then get the hell out its not being mean it's bringing out the flaws of the show To the second replier: I'm not an idiot, 2. I don't watch shows and movies I don't like- I avoid them, and 3.

I'm not a bully. Wouldn't he get mobbed every single day or have to sound autographs before Homeroom? Marano is the worst, pretending to act nerdy or dorky when it just makes her seem stupid and immature. Ally is unrealistic and fake. It makes me want to burn my eyes when I watch her. Trish hates Dez, and then they call each other best friends. And how can you get hired then fired all the time? Wouldn't the managers know who she is by now and just not hire her at all? Doesn't it get exhausting getting fired? It makes no common sense and is not funny at all. The only person I truly enjoy on the show is the actor who plays Dez because he actually has some comic relief in him, and can act at a decent level.

We definitely should thank Ross's mother Stormie for letting us peek into their vacation since the photo credits go to Stormie Lynch. Ross Lynch with Family and Friends on a trip to Italy They were also spotted together at Coachella — holding hands. Fans have started calling the couple as "Rourtney". Just a few months ago, Ross was accompanied by his beau and other friends on a trip to Mexico. And what would make Ross feel better other than to post a picture of himself with his beau Courtney - kissing! He has perfectly captioned the picture - "Caught in the club". The picture reached out to so many of his fans that it has around k likes and more than comments!

A photo posted by Ross Lynch rossr5 on May 15, at 5: Want to know who took the initiative? It was Ross who posted a picture of themselves surrounded by his friends and family on Instagram. A photo posted by Ross Lynch rossr5 on Sep 2, at 6: Everywhere they go, the news of them kissing and accompanying one another follows with them. It amassed an impressive viewership of Underwear The guys of R5 love teasing their more mature fans by showing off their underwear. Yes, Ross and Riker are wearing matching underwear in the picture above. Ross, Ellington, Rocky, Rydel and Riker are always lively and enthusiastic, never failing to deliver their best to their eager fans. Their energetic performances always get the crowd hyped up and it's no wonder that almost all of their shows are sold out.

Well, that's all I can gather from all the R5 concert videos I watch on Youtube. Now, if only I could see this incredible band live in concert Wristbands The band members are always wearing bands on their wrists, be it bangles or fishtail bracelets or silicon wristbands. This actually inspired me to buy 10 silicon wristbands, wearing 5 on each wrist. But of course, I can never pull it off as well as Rydel or the rest of R5 does She loves interacting with the band's fans on Twitter and she has even garnered a fan-base of her own! She keeps the band's fans updated on their activities.

Step aside, Regina George's mum Stormie Lynch is the true 'cool mum'! Younique Okay, you caught me. I had no idea what to write for 'Y' so I deliberately misspelled 'unique'. R5 is so unique that we need a unique spelling for 'unique' to describe how unique they are. I don't know if that made any sense. But these five teens are so unique and incredibly talented in music! And it's not just them who are unique their entire crew is as well!

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It is plain retarded. It is please retarded. He Ade usually seen wearing a cap or other forms of domestic over his head, hiding his beautiful brown hair. And how can you get hired then moran all the time.

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Austin thinks he's a god because he "sings" and "organizations" when in reality he's an awkward virgin with ajd pancake fetish. The only part I truly enjoy on the show is the actor who plays Dez because he actually has some one relief in him, and can act at a decent level. Who eats their hair when they're more. Who eats their hair when they're nervous.

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