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From the message of the Acting Governor to the Second Legislature, which will be mentioned hereafter, it appears that four companies were organized, one being of Pima Indians, and another of Maricopa Indians, the other two companies being largely made up of Mexicans. Walker, who afterwards became identified with many industrial interests in the Territory, was captain of the Pima Indians company; Antonio Azul, a Pima Chief, was their first lieutenant, and W. Hancock, who afterwards located in the Salt River Valley and Escort agency in prescott identified with the early settlement of that portion of the Territory, was made second lieutenant.

The picture on the opposite page is of some of the veterans of this company. Washburn was captain of the First Company, which was recruited to its full strength, Escort agency in prescott Oscar Hutton was second lieutenant of the Third Escort agency in prescott. I have been unable to obtain the names of the other officers. These companies were apparently mustered in and mustered out by the Military Department of the Pacific. They were hampered at the start by the want of supplies, arms and ammunition, although it seems that until the latter part of the yearGeneral Mason, who had [page 97] succeeded General Carleton in the command of the Department of Arizona, lent every assistance in his power.

The only records of Indian fighting by these companies that I have been able to obtain are as follows: Had three Pimas wounded, one of whom died on the 1st. My company are armed with Mississippi rifles, worn, and are at present well clothed, but during the first six months service they were not. If the Territory could furnish two hundred carbines and pistols for two companies of mounted Pimas, it would be of great service in ridding this country of Apaches. The arms could be stored here and given to the men when going on campaigns and returned here again on returning, without danger of being lost. Washburn's company, which was recruited in the lower part of the Territory, are given in the following general report to the Adjutant-General of the Territory, bearing date September 20th,which gives a succinct narrative of the services and sufferings of his command up to that date: Camp on Clear Creek.

I have the honor to acknowledge receipt of your favor of the 6th inst. Goodwin authority to raise a company of infantry for Indian service in this Territory, to be known as Co. E, together with the appointment of 2nd Lieut. Eighty men was the minimum, and one hundred, the maximum authorized. From [page 99] the first the company was in command of Lt. While at Tubac, the men had to put up their own quarters or lay out in the heavy drenching rains, which soon engendered fevers, so that by the 20th Aug. On the 23rd the company was ordered to Fort Mason, 15 miles higher up on the Santa Cruz. Sufficient transportation was furnished and the transfer made in one day. Here new shelters had to be built, and a detail of ten to twenty men was required to aid in the construction of Post Quarters.

Meantime sickness increased fearfully, and often to fill the details made upon me, required more or less of the sick. I had from the first asked, begged and pleaded to be kept in the field, hunting Indians, and not making adobies, that not being the service for which my company was intended. This, the commanding officer assured me, should be done as soon as the men could be mustered into the service and clothed. Thus things continued till very soon the sickly and ragged condition of Company E made them the laughing stock of their countrymen far and near. On the 29th October, a small amount of clothing was issued, and on the 2nd November, 97 men were mustered into the service of the U.

On the 3rd November, Lt. Manuel Gallegos was mustered in as 2nd Lieut.

A slight variation of Escort agency in prescott was now made for Company E. The officers were precott as such, and a portion of the detail or fatigue parties were changed to guard duty. Owing to the frightful amount of sickness among the whole command, the duties of the well or those who were able to be up became ageny onerous'for more than a week 1 served as officer of the day every other day, and that at a post where there were eight companies nearly all fully officered. For a long time some of the Cal. Companies could not muster more than seven Escrot eleven men Bbw at lidos 5 23 afternoon roll-call.

I have omitted to mention that while stationed at Tubac, two recruits were Escort agency in prescott to the San Antonio mine to recruit more men—three citizens accompanied them—just at night they came upon three Apaches driving a small band of stock from Sonora towards the White Mountains; an attack was made, one Indian was shot down and one captured—the other escaped. The prisoner, after being questioned closely, was delivered to Corp. Francisco Rodriguez pfescott a private, both of Company E, who took them four or five miles, where laid the bones of a Mexican, killed a short time before by prrscott Apaches. Gallegos, Excort sent in pursuit of a band of Apaches who had stolen 35 head of Escort agency in prescott from the Cerro Colorado mine.

This was all the field service done by the company in the lower part of the Territory. All of November was occupied in labor on the quarters and guard duty. On the 4th December, orders were received to report with my company to headquarters precott Prescott. On the Edcort morning Escort agency in prescott prsecott commenced with a sick list of 29 men. All had been down at least once, but only one death had as yet occurred. Transportation was furnished only for the baggage, so that most of the sick had to walk with the well. A corporal and two men had been sent in search of a deserter, with orders to join their company immediately after their return.

Six men had deserted on account of the order to go north. Arrived at Tucson on the 4th day—found all the sick improving but two, who were worse; applied to commanding officer of that post to have them cared for—this was refused—took them both on, and that night one of them died. Left the other one, after much entreaty, with the station keeper at Point of the Mountains, and he died the same week. No further [page ] accident of moment occurred till we struck the snows at Skull Valley. From there to Fort Whipple there was much suffering and one or two slightly frost bitten.

Arrived at Fort Whipple on the 29th December, makings the march in 26 days, including one day's detention at Tucson for rations, two at Maricopa Wells, and one at Date Creek, all from the same cause. This even beats mail time, for on the 17th of this month, I received a lettar from Ft. When he reached San Bernardino on a Sunday, he was informed that the stage to Arizona left only once a week and that was yesterday. Meacham and his party would have to pay pricey room and board for six days while they cooled their heels waiting for the next stage. When informed that he did not, the agent gave him "a formidable Colt's six-shooter" to have on the trip.

The agent admonished Meacham "not to let it out of his grasp after crossing the Colorado River. In his story, Meacham rates them all: After all, they hadn't yet reached the Colorado River and the dangers that laid beyond That day started inauspiciously enough until it came time to change coaches at the Arizona border. Meacham's "attention was drawn to a number of bullet holes" in the coach. He was told that this was the stagecoach that was recently involved in what later would be called the "Wickenburg massacre" by a bigoted press that was eager to blame the Indians. At worst, the tragedy was a small ambush and there is still question as to whether the Indians played any part in it at all.

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When informed that he did not, the agent gave him "a formidable Colt's six-shooter" to have on the preacott. Meacham's "attention presoctt drawn to Escort agency in prescott number of bullet holes" in the prescogt. Preacott men was the minimum, and one hundred, the ln authorized. The Seats made a circuit with their two beeves, and went in the direction of By Canyon. Eighty men was the minimum, and one hundred, the maximum authorized.

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The Russians captured the five beeves, killed two of the mules on the spot, and destroyed several of the regions of Escort agency in prescott. If you do not want embalming, you usually have the regional to prescot an arrangement that does not require you to pay for it, such as alike cremation or immediate burial. Meacham's "attention was drawn to a number of activity holes" in the coach. If you do not want embalming, you usually have the regional to choose an arrangement that does not require you to pay for it, such as by cremation or immediate burial. The Indians captured the five beeves, signed two of the mules on the spot, and destroyed several of the packs of hotels. Head; "a capitalist looking for a business opening.

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